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The purpose of lighting tile equipment and adhesive coating board equipment


The light transmittance of the daylighting tile varies depending on the color, and the transmittance can reach 50% -90%. Anti ultraviolet, anti-aging, etc. The surface of daylighting tile equipment contains anti ultraviolet coextrusion layer, which can maintain good optical properties and mechanical functions after long-term use. Good impact resistance and toughness, and the lighting tile equipment is not easily damaged during transportation, installation, and use; The impact strength is 10-27 times that of organic glass. Special structures such as insulation can effectively reduce the energy consumption of building temperature regulation, making them suitable for use in greenhouse insulation. The sound insulation properties of polycarbonate resin can effectively reduce noise. According to international GB8624-1997, it is classified as Class B1 flame retardant. Easy to install and cold bend. The wind resistance and wind pressure resistance performance belongs to the first level of international GB/T7106-86. Temperature resistant, long-term use temperature -40 ℃ -100 ℃. The adhesive coating board equipment products have the advantages of anti-corrosion, aging resistance, impact resistance, high light transmittance, beautiful molding, and low cost, making them high-quality green building materials. It has the characteristics of continuous molding, infinite extension, lightweight and high-strength, aging resistance, transparency, flame retardancy, precise size, smooth surface, random coloring, maintenance free, and green environmental protection. The product is widely used in large buildings, modern light steel structure color pressed panels, greenhouses, sports venues, aquaculture and other places.