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How to fix the production line of daylighting tiles


Fixing method for daylighting board production line:

The daylighting board does not need to be overlapped within 12m, and if it exceeds 12m, it needs to be overlapped. The overlapping length is 200-400mm, and two layers of sealant are applied at the overlapping point. The horizontal overlap does not need to be trimmed, and the overlap of the longitudinal color steel plate depends on the board type. Ordinary profiled steel plates generally do not consider virtual edge trimming. They are directly fixed with self tapping screws and sealed with sealing glue, while bite plates require edge trimming.

The longitudinal overlap of the daylighting board should be set near the sandalwood strip. The conventional classification of daylighting panels includes five types: economical, weather resistant, insulation, flame retardant, and anti-corrosion. The commonly used specifications for daylighting panels include over 100 types, including 750, 840, 820, 980, 950, 900, 475, 760, and 1m to 1.2m wide flat panels.