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福建What are the uses of daylighting tiles


The main distributor of daylighting equipment tells you the function of daylighting panels

1. Good natural lighting effect: Daylighting tiles significantly improve the lighting effect of large depth buildings. Even the simplest internal and external flat lighting tiles can effectively increase indoor illumination at a distance of 4-9m from the window throughout the day, improving the uniformity of lighting in the entire room. The effect is particularly evident in the early morning and evening when the outdoor natural light intensity is low, as well as when the solar altitude angle is high in summer. Compared with ordinary buildings, buildings equipped with daylighting panels have better indoor lighting effects and higher utilization of natural light.

2. Reduce building energy consumption and increase indoor comfort. The upper window of the daylighting tile is smaller and will not significantly increase the air conditioning load; Moreover, the daylighting tiles not only introduce sunlight into the interior through the upper window opening, but also provide external shading for large areas of lower window opening. From the simulation results, it can be seen that the use of daylighting panels significantly reduces the air conditioning load. When using optimized daylighting panels, the energy-saving effect will be more pronounced.