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福建FRP daylighting tile equipment
福建FRP daylighting tile equipment

FRP daylighting tile equipment

Equipment function: This device can continuously produce daylighting boards, color boards, and flat panels

Basic equipment parameters:

Personnel required: 3-6 people Production speed: 2-12 meters/minute Power requirement: 80KVA-120KVA

Plate width: maximum width 1500mm, maximum corrugated height: 130mm-150mm

Plate thickness: 0.4-4.0mm

FRP daylighting tile application: FRP daylighting tile has good stability, anti-aging, UV protection, and long service life. The light transmittance can reach up to 82%, and the light is scattered, effectively removing light spots and bands, allowing the light to scatter to various corners of the building, making the light uniform, soft, and natural. The main uses include: lighting of industrial factory roofs and walls, insulation and lighting of agricultural and vegetable greenhouses, lighting of public sports venues and special requirements for building flame retardant, anti-corrosion, and thermal insulation. There are also many lighting fields such as warehouses, greenhouses, stations, docks, airports, commercial buildings, steel structures, etc.