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福建FRP adhesive coating tile equipment
福建FRP adhesive coating tile equipment

FRP adhesive coating tile equipment

Equipment function: This equipment can continuously produce gel coated tiles, daylighting tiles, color boards, and flat panels.

Basic equipment parameters:

Personnel required: 4-6 people Production speed: 2-12 meters/minute Power requirement: 80KVA-120KVA

Plate width: maximum width 1500mm, maximum corrugated height: 130mm-200mm

Plate thickness: 0.4mm -5.0mm Gel coat coating thickness: 0.2mm -0.4mm

Application of FRP gel coated tiles: FRP gel coated tiles have a smooth product surface, bright panel surface colors, and good light retention. It has good chemical stability for acid, alkali, salt and other media, and superior properties such as non discoloration, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. The main uses include: roof tiles for acid and alkali resistant factories, wall panels for non ferrous metal smelting workshops, smelting workshops, casting factories, chemical factories, electroplating factories, acid washing factories, steel mills, leather factories, fertilizer factories, paper mills, coal mines, sewage treatment plants, coastal buildings, port storage equipment, shipyards and other salt resistant factories, as well as highly corrosive construction fields.