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FRP adhesive coating board equipment
FRP adhesive coating board equipment


FRP adhesive coating board equipment

Equipment function: This equipment can continuously produce adhesive coating boards

Basic equipment parameters:

Personnel required: 4-6 people

Production speed: 2-6 meters/minute

Power requirements: 100KVA -260KVA

Plate width: Plate width 2000mm -3200mm

Plate thickness: 0.4mm -10mm

Application of FRP gel coating board: FRP gel coating board has superior properties such as light weight, high strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in the construction industry, transportation industry, home decoration industry, and other fields. It is suitable for use as carriage boards, movable houses, shelters, sentry booths, etc. for large transportation vehicles such as refrigerated trucks, dry trucks, and logistics vehicles.